An Eat Shit Logan sign at a Professional Wrestling event

Yes, it’s predetermined. No, it’s not fake.

As a creative writer + producer of television and live events for the Heartland Wrestling Association, I was responsible for overseeing the character and plot development for a 40-plus member talent roster and 52 weeks of original television programming.   HWA Adrenaline aired on America One network and various WB/CW affiliates throughout the Midwest. The television schedule was supplemented with touring events on a weekly basis.

I had the privilege of working under the tutelage of renowned trainer Les Thatcher, and with the nation’s top wrestling talent, including Jon Moxley (WWE’s Dean Ambrose), BJ Whitmer, Nigel McGuinness, Jimmy Yang, Cody Hawk and Eli Drake.

During HWA’s tenure as a World Wrestling Entertainment developmental territory, I worked with WWE talent for both TV and live events.