Mansformation Pilot

Mansformation was an unsuccessful reality show concept that Logan pitched. Or if you ask his wife it was a giant investment and one of the reasons we’ll never be able to retire.

The premise:
Logan isn’t the man of the house—his wife Liz is.

If a home repair is needed, she’s the forewoman. Grill master? Also her. If the rental car’s a manual shift, she’ll have to drive. Are these skills the measure of a man? According to their friends and family—yes.

Tired of long being the butt everyone’s jokes, Logan set out to make a change. He conducted research on  masculinity and compiled a list of stereotypical “man-skills.” After crossing off the very few skills he already had, he was left with a pretty overwhelming list. The challenge emerged.

For each of the skills, Logan would enlist a celebrity Mansformation Coach to “mansform” him into the man that he should and could be. One episode at a time.

From 2011-2013, Logan produced, directed and starred in a full-length pilot episode titled “How to Hunt a Bear” with coach Levi Johnston. (Yes, Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol’s baby daddy).

He also collaborated on webisodes with The Real World: Philadelphia‘s Landon Lueck, Don Schumacher Racing‘s NHRA pit crew, CBS Big Brother 14 winner Ian Terry and Tucker Max.